Curriculum Vitae






Born on January 27, 1937 in Yugoslavia. Educated at the University of Belgrade, School of Architecture, 1955-60. Graduated on May 26, 1960. Independent architect since February 1986. Granted Outstanding Artist Status in 1988.

Has been selected for inclusion in The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (Eight Edition, 1999) by  The American Biographical Institute for Outstanding Contribution to Contemporary Architecture & Theory.

Proclaimed selected International Man of the Year 1997-1998 by The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge-England in Recognition of his Services to Architecture & Theory of Architecture.

Included in the reference book: 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21th Century, published by The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge-England (2002).

Received fourteen first, second and third prizes at Yugoslav design competitions (Tuzla, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Beograd, Subotica, etc).
Realized multi-family dwellings (5-21 floors) in seven Yugoslav towns. Design and realization of 12 commercial and office interiors (30-2,000 m2) in Tuzla and Belgrade. Living room and bedroom furniture designs for mass production. Has forty published designs related to residential architecture, most highly innovative and avant-garde in concept.

International success: Habitat Ecology at the Madrid International Competitions for Solutions on New Technologies for Social Housing (1987) entered finals and was selected for representative publication with others in UIA Monograph. From 1988 to 1997 “Habitat Ecology” has been shown at 16 exhibitions and conferences in 12 countries.

Important current unrealized projects are: 1... World Project Village of Peace, 2... Planetary Gardens, 3... White City (Belgrade Centre of Culture, Art, Science & Leisure), 4... New Museum of Contemporary Art, 5... GreenTower, 6... GreenHouse, 7... China Habitat Ecology, 8... World Project Village of Peace, 9... Ivica Eco-City.

Well-known publisher Anthony Krafft featured his one-family house IM-20 (Belgrade Fair, 1985) in “Contemporary Architecture-7” (Laussane, 1985).

Had eight one-man exhibitions in Belgrade (1984-95). Participated in 120 group exhibitions (1960-99). Organized (concept, selections & total-design) 80 different exhibitions, some of which have travelled throughout Yugoslavia or been seen in Austria, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Japan, France, Spain, Hungary, England...

Exhibited at the 1981, 83, 85, 87, 89 and 1994 Sofia World Architecture Biennials. Diplome de laureat de l’exposition de livres d’architecture- Honourable Mention, Sofia-1989.

Design of over 50 posters and layout designer of own 22 books, more than 10 special magazines, 80 invitation cards, 15 commercial brochures, etc.

Presented papers (gave lectures) in Warsaw (The World Congress of Architecture, 1980), Sofia (Biennials of World Architecture, 1983), Singapore (Singapore Institute of Architects, 1989), London (Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning University College, 1990), Osaka (Osaka University, Dpt of Environmental Engneering, 1996) and Vienna, Rome, Djakarta, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Durango, Barcelona, Szeged, Holland, Belgrade, etc.

Author of concept, selections and total-design of six Belgrade Triennials of World Architecture (1985, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000).
First Belgrade Triennial (160 posters, 100x100 cm) was staged in Vienna (Theseus Temple) from 9-31 October, 1986. Part of the First and Second Triennials (180 posters) was staged in Singapore (Singapore Institute of Architects) from 9-14 June, 1989. Triennial selections (30-130 posters) was staged in New York, Tokyo, Paris, Durango, Guanajuato, Barcelona, Milan, Budapest, Szeged, Buenos Aires, London, Tuzla, Skopje, etc.

Concept, selections and total-design of two important international enterprises in housing construction: World Home Golf 12- Belgrade (1991-2001) and World Project Just Married (Village of Peace)- Hungary (1993-2001).

Eight participants from eight countries in World Home Golf 12 are: Y.Rechter, J.Dahinden, S.Tigerman, K.Kurokawa, A.Djokic, R.England, K.Kada and H.Nielebock. By the end of 1998 five  houses (65 apartments altogether) have been completed.

Twelve participants from eleven countries in World Project Just Married (Village of Peace in Hungary) are: A.Mansfeld, A.Hernandez, A.Ibrahim, K.Kikutake, D.Jackson, I.Mladjenovic, L.Forero, A.Tombazis, J.M.Charpentier, O.Gridasov, T.Palankai and M.Mitrovic.

Author of 22 books on architecture and applied arts and over 1,300 articles carried by leading Yugoslav newspapers and publications. Important books: Architecture and Its Devotees (200pp, 1982), Fifty Outstanding Architects of the World- Book 1 (109pp, 1984) and Book 2 (112pp, 1986), One-family House Design (56pp, 1985), Eleven Prominent Yugoslav Architects (Books 1-5, 48pp each, 1986-89), Prominent Yugoslav Artists in the Applied Arts (Book 1-2, 48pp each, 1986-89), Fifty-five Outstanding Yugoslav Architects (240pp, 1989), The Monograph on the First, Second and Third  Belgrade Triennial of World Architecture (304pp, World Presentation in Buenos Aires, 1992), Architecture on Trail (267pp, 1997), Revival of Light (28pp,1999), Fifty Outstanding Serbian Enigmatists (122pp, 1999)...

Since 1995 editor and editor-in-chief of architectural magazine “Grad” (Town). Other activities: enigmatist (8,000 published works), art-photographer, poet, dancer,etc. Visited 50 countries.
Milos Jevtic, prominent journalist & publicist published a book "The Hearth of Ivica Mladjenovic (256 pages) in 2001.